The Best Conversations

This winter I went to physical therapy three times a week–a weird shoulder injury.  I always took a book with me for the time at the beginning when I sat with the heat and that electric massage (which I loved) and the time at the end when I sat with the ice (which I didn’t love).  Since I read a lot, I brought in a lot of books.  My physical therapist has a very friendly office filled with very nice people.  And, in my opinion, books are always good conversation.

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Let’s Dialogue About Dialogue

For me a story, whether it’s a short story, novel, or movie, is all about the people.  I know some readers/viewers who “see” the picture that an author is “painting.”  They love the setting, atmosphere, movement and action. And while I appreciate a good action scene, a well written description, or historical accuracy, when I read or view, it is all about the people and their relationships. Their motivations and their history are a fascinating tapestry.  The way they react to their environment, the way they interact with the other characters carries the story.

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Going Back; Moving Forward

Oedipe et Antigone By Eugène-Jean Damery
(1823-1853) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

For the month of November, I’ll be re-entering the High School English classroom. (As a substitute teacher, this time). Because I’ll be there for longer than a day or two; and because I’m doing this for a friend who cares deeply about his students and their education (and don’t we wish we could say this of every teacher?); and because if I’m going to do something, I might as well do it well; I am reading/re-reading all the of homework assignments for the eight classes.

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