What Is Courage?

Amelia Hatton’s brother has been killed. Every day she uncovers more evidence that his life was not as blameless as she assumed. To protect her father from disappointment and scandal, demure and refined Amelia is forced into unconventional, improper, even dangerous exploits.

Amelia’s father is not helping. He invites the brash, impertinent, presumptuous Mr. Michael Jones into their home and their lives. Everywhere Amelia turns, he is there, witness to her brother’s perfidy and her improprieties.

Is Mr. Jones part of her brother’s schemes? Or is he the help Amelia needs as she searches for answers—and for courage and resolve?

Was he the man of her dreams or a traitor to the country she loves?

Napoleon’s flat-bottomed boats are gathered on the French coast waiting to invade the Sussex beaches. Information and spies are regularly smuggled back and forth. But the war becomes profoundly personal for Miss Liza Henshaw when she realizes her father and Captain Robert Amesley, the neighbor she thought she knew so well, might be involved.

Robert has returned from service in the British Navy, a changed man. He is more hardened, decisive, intriguing . . . and secretive. When Liza overhears Robert and her father plotting to smuggle information into France, she realizes he has changed more than she can accept.

Liza is not a spy, but she can’t allow inexperience or fear stop her from discovering their plot and saving them from the consequence of their treason. At the same time, she must find a way to resist the disturbingly compelling Robert.

But spies have no control over what they find . . .

Someone is starting fires all over the countryside

Miss Maris Davies:

  • Has an annoying older brother
  • Is a gifted archer
  • Finds her brother’s best friend almost as annoying as her brother, in a different way
  • Needs to find the man who is starting fires on her father’s estate before he hurts someone she loves

Mr. Philip Martin: 

  • Is home from Spain after his service in His Majesty’s Light Dragoons
  • Breeds, trains, and rides horses superbly
  • Is determined to help his best friend—and his best friend’s sister—stop the man who is starting fires
  • Understands that there is more than one kind of fire

Veiled in Mist

Any Day Now . . . Check back soon.

An Illusions Novella

Status: Waiting for the Cover Art

The Masks We Wear

Hopefully by the end of the year . . .

Illusions: Book 3

Status: The writing is coming along. I’m so excited about this one. Sidonie is a delight. Check back soon!