Discussion Questions: The Secrets We Keep

The Secrets We Keep Photography: Chez Nous Images http://www.cheznousimages.com

In every romance novel, the overarching theme is ‘Love Conquers All.’ Do you believe this statement? What are some ways you have seen this theme played out in real life? In interpersonal relationships? In parenting? Societal challenges? In questions of the soul?

In The Secrets We Keep, are there other underlying themes, unique to Liza’s story? What are they?

At the Beginning of the novel, Liza claims she has good reason for her secrets and lies. She claims the same thing at the end. Are her reasons different at the end than at the beginning. How?

Is she right either time? Does she have good reason? Are lies ever acceptable? What might constitute good reasons for lies? Are they ever acceptable?

What makes Liza begin to distrust Robert? What effects does her lack of trust have on their relationship?

Even though Liza believes Robert is doing despicable things, she loves him. Have you ever been in this situation? How does she show her love? How do you show  love for someone who is doing something you believe is wrong/harmful?

Liza is a very instinctive person. She doesn’t always look ahead and weigh the consequences of her actions. What are the strengths in an instinctive personality? What are the weaknesses?

When is Liza bravest? When she faces her enemy and danger? Or in some of her personal, private decision?

Liza spends some time “walking in other’s shoes,” or in this case wearing others clothes. Does that change her insights into those others’ lives? How? How do you “wear other’s clothes” in our day?

How does ‘Love Conquer All’ for Liza and Robert?

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