The Best Conversations

This winter I went to physical therapy three times a week–a weird shoulder injury.  I always took a book with me for the time at the beginning when I sat with the heat and that electric massage (which I loved) and the time at the end when I sat with the ice (which I didn’t love).  Since I read a lot, I brought in a lot of books.  My physical therapist has a very friendly office filled with very nice people.  And, in my opinion, books are always good conversation.

I worked with most of the people there and talked about books with all of them.  Erika loves fantasy, so we talked Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, which she was reading for the second or third time.  I had read the first five books, but maybe I’ll go back and try the rest now that I’ve seen her passion for them.  I told her about  The Riddlemaster Trilogy by Patricia McKillip. She started reading that.  I hope she enjoys it.

Kirsten reads mostly success/motivational/self-help books.  I admit this is not my favorite genre, but over the years, I’ve read some of those for work or because Trace needed me to or because everyone was talking about them.  So, we had some nice conversations.  We did receive The Oz Principal for Christmas, and I have enjoyed that, but Kirsten gave me some other suggestions, and I may try some of those.

Jody likes biographies.  She had read the book about the man who was “the American sniper” and told me about that.  They made a movie about him, but I didn’t know anything about it, so I was interested to know that there was a book.  Sometimes when I know I won’t be watching the movie, I’ll read the book.  That’s how I read Shindler’s List and Unbroken, which I’m reading now, and I’ve been told (no surprise) that the book is so much better than the movie, so I’ll probably skip the movie.

Even one of the other patients that I shared a room with gave me some suggestions.  I have to say I enjoyed going to physical therapy much more than I anticipated.

Over the years I have found fewer people will talk books.  I think we more often discuss movies.  I’ve thought often I should join a book group, but I also like the random, unstructured book talk, which seems harder to find these days.  I don’t know whether fewer are reading or if we are just to busy to talk about it.  Do you talk about the books you’re reading?  Where, and with whom?  What are some of the recommendations that you’ve been most grateful for? Where/how do you get your recommendations/find new authors?

Can we resurrect the conversations about reading?

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