World Building

This is not a blog about poetry. I promise. But poetry has been on my mind. Let me tell you why, at least in part.

As you probably know I’m writing a fantasy-romance novel.  Well, in my mind and my plans, it has become a fantasy series.  Part of fantasy is creating a world.  I love this aspect of fantasy.  I love the maps.  I think every fantasy should have maps.  The most famous, of course is the map of Middle Earth.

Maps are so satisfyingly visual.  But, I have been thinking about culture. I have to create and express culture in words. So I’ve been creating symbols, celebrations, music, shared history, and I’ve begun thinking about bards. I believe that all strong cultures, real and imagined, have this artistic center that binds the people together. It gives definition and unifies. I want to have poetry be a part of that culture. So, I think I’ll try to put at least one chant, song, or poem in each novel.

Now, I’m not a poet, but I will share my “gathering” chant from the first book in my series. The people chant this as they dance around a bon fire after the harvest is complete.

Tell me what you think:

Life from earth we have today; may it bring a better way.
As dark enfolds and sun renews, may its warmth also imbue
Each of us with light and love, be on earth as seen above.
Hand on shoulder, bound to you, linked in grace and friendship true.

Where wounds exist and sorrows found, let goodwill and mercy sound.
Burdens grave, we hope are rare, but all be healed with time and care.
Rejoice in bounty, mourn in sorrow, in unity we make tomorrow
Yield a truth and justice fair. Bless all lives. This our prayer.

As darkness falls we gather near and lift our voice so all will hear
This our hymn of oath and praise; touch us all, and bless this place.
We vow with virtues to adorn, and we, like day, will be reborn.
Hear our pledge; refine our ways. As we chant, endow with grace.

So, I’m thinking today:

As we chant (or sing, or write, or dance), endow with grace.

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