Oh, Let Us Be Thankful

Okay, I fulfilled last week’s challenge, (and a personal letter too), but today I want to talk about thank you notes. Do they count as letters? I’m making an argument for the affirmative. Though short, they are, if written sincerely, an expression of deep feeling from the heart. It’s a good enough definition of a letter. 

I love to write thank you letters. As I try to compose, I consider the person to whom I’m writing. I remember the wonderful thing, and often many, many things, they have done for me. I contemplate how my life is richer because of this person. I feel so blessed to have a good friend or loving family member. I am often brought to tears from the gratitude and love I feel.

Unfortunately, I’m embarrassed to admit that once I’ve written a thank you note and had these wonderful memories and felt the warmth of this outpouring of love, I have a difficult time getting the address and stamp on the envelope and the card in the mail. I have, more than once, found thank you notes that I have written months earlier still waiting for those last details. 

Most people think that writing a thank you note is something you do for another person, to give them the gift of your gratitude, but I have found that I receive so much from expressing gratitude. However, I do need to follow through with the delivery.

So, this week, as a follow-up to last week’s challenge is to write (and send) a thank you note. 

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