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I’m still trying to find my “blogging” voice. Also, now that I mention it, I’m still working on my writing voice. I like some of the things that I do, and cringe in embarrassment over some of the others. I have read other writer’s blogs, but I’m uncomfortable giving advice on how to write. Writing is such a personal, unique and individual process, and, though I’m finding what works for me, I’m not sure it would be helpful to anyone else, so I’m not sure writing about that is very interesting to anyone but me. So, for awhile I think I’m going to give myself a “weekly writing challenge.” I will try to record and share my outcomes. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe both “voices” will reveal themselves through the process.

And maybe you’d like to join me and take an occasional challenge. I’d love to “hear” your voice.

So this week’s challenge: Write a letter. We text and email, but hardly anyone writes and sends letters. What is that Miranda Lambert song, “Hey, whatever happened to taking your time, doing it all by hand?” There’s a line about writing a letter, putting on a stamp, and receiving it three days later. I believe writing letters has become a unique expression of care. And, I always feel differently when I write a letter. I don’t know why that is, but my emotions are clearer and stronger. So this week I’ll write a letter. Maybe you’d like to write a letter, too. Put a stamp on it and mail it to someone special.

Just a note: my letter won’t be a personal one. I need to write a query letter. I have these three picture books that have been sitting on my computer for years. It’s time to start collecting rejection letters. You may not need to write a query letter; however, maybe you’d like to write a letter and tell me about your experience.

Thank You Letter and a Query

Very rough draft. I know I need to flesh it out, but I have something to begin with. To prove I actually took my challenge (I actually wrote the rough drafts for four books this week), I include one rough query letter here. After reading this, do you think you’d like to read the book?

My Street Address
City, State, Zip

May 24, 2015

Name of Agent

Dear Who-sit agent,

I’m seeking representation for my picture book entitled, Different Eyes. In 343 words, it explores a young boy’s first introduction to fine art.  Told in the first person, this boy shares his experience as he goes on a trip to the New York Metropolitan Museum with his grandmother.  Through the rest of the week, the paintings he has seen begin to change the way he sees his world.  He explores different styles as he paints what he sees.

I am mother to seven children and grandmother to twenty.  I have a degree in English from Brigham Young University and have taught English to students at a midwifery college.

I believe this book is appropriate for children ages four to ten and could be used as the basis for an art unit in schools.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gayelynn Watson

Would you like to read this book?

4 thoughts on “Send Your Voice

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  2. Yes, I would absolutely read the book (although that may go without saying at this point 😅). It sounds very engaging. I, for one, would have been a whole lot more interested in art during school if I’d read a book showing that art actually has an emotional impact on people and is not just about creating the perfect pinch pot (although those were admittedly very fun).


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