Blogging Block

Which, of course, is just another name for writer’s block. There are so many blogs out there. It is easy to think/say, “What do I have to say? What do I have to say weekly? And the ever discouraging, why would anyone read it?”

However, I just read a blog post at  This blogger wrote about how you don’t have to have a niche to write a blog. Well, I have, if not a niche, at least a general (and I admit, broad) topic that I want to continue to explore–writing/reading/publishing. However, I wander a little sometimes, and this post made me feel okay about that. Also, my journey in reading/writing, while not from the point of view of a well-known author, is my writing and reading point of view. I am learning to be okay with that, too.

My “audience” is growing slowly, and I’m okay with that, since I am learning as I go. I can share the growing pains with those who already know me, and hopefully like me enough to be patient. That said, if I’m going to write/post on a blog, I want to add value to the lives of those who do stop and read. So, I have some questions.

Which blogs you visit regularly, or even periodically. Why do you go there? What do you like about those blogs? What do you blog about? How often?

One thought on “Blogging Block

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