My Foray Into the Twenty-first Century

I’ve decided to join the twenty-first century. That means that I have a smart phone; I have dabbled in social media (still experimenting), and now I am beginning a blog. It took more time to choose a title than it will take to write my first post. I wanted a title that reflected my aspirations to be an author, but “Aspiring Author” was not available. And though most of my posts will be about writing–inspiration, discussion, hints–the truth is that my interests are varied. I have a ‘day-job’ that I find fascinating. I will probably write about that sometimes. I have very strong avoidance skills that coincide with my varied interests, so sometimes I will probably write about what I do when I should be writing but am not (thrifting, quilting, reading, learning new things). Like writing, I think this blog will be an exciting learning experience. Please, join me.

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